Fun Challenges

14+ year olds

Activities and Resources

Fashion Show

Raid the back of your wardrobe, or the local charity shop and put on a fashion show... the more garish the better!! Have a go at strutting down the catwalk, and even doing a modelling shoot! For older sections why not have a go at making some ‘clothes’ out of junk items such as newspaper, cardboard, wallpaper scraps and other recyclables! Create different challenges and get them to complete the tasks at home and send them in competition style! Or challenge the whole group to a fashion competition on Zoom!

  • No resources needed

Debate Night (10 upwards)

Divide your section up into teams to compete against each other in a structured debate, (information on how is found on our website). Have a panel of leaders, or young leaders act as a chair and judges and provide some continuous topics. For older sections why not get them to decide the week before on the sorts of topics they want to debate?

Campfire Singalong!

Dust of the song sheets and have a sing along or a chat and chill around a campfire that you’ve helped to build. Suggestions on how to do this, including some favourite sing along songs are found on our website.

How plan a trip

Using fun games for the younger sections, or just having a discussion for the older sections organise a day trip somewhere that your section hasn't been yet. This could be a musuem, or a local park, literally anywhere. They could even organise a family outing

  • No resources needed

Cooking something exotic

Using the recipes on our website have a go cooking a manner of dishes from around the world such as a curry or a stir fry. For younger sections a good idea is to run it as a live cook along, whereas older sections would be ok to take the recipe and even do the shopping and washing up!

  • No resources needed

Brownie baking

Brownies are a great treat that really bring people together! Have a go baking some different flavoured brownies. This is a great activity for younger sections, they could then sell them to charity or take them to school or share them around their household to pass the happiness of brownies onwards!

  • No resources needed


Have a go at planning and running a hike or hill walking challenge. For younger sections why not theme it around a chip shop hike, or local trail. For older sections why not set them against each other in a navigation wide game challenge.

  • No resources needed

Command Tasks

Using our awesome resource have a go at running these problem-solving activities. For older sections why not time them and create an inter troop activity where the skills the patrols are tested, for younger members nominated a different leader each time.

Blind cooking (10-14) (14+)

Perfect activity for the older sections. Split them into patrols or teams and give them all some mystery tins: some protein, some vegetables, some leaning towards deserts and some wacky in between suggestions. Then using those and whatever is left in the hut get them to try and create a two-course meal that is... vaguely edible.

  • No resources needed

Organise a party

Have a go at organising an end of term party at your scout hut. This could be in the form of nerf wars, or even a UV paint party!

  • No resources needed