Mindfulness Challenges

14+ year olds

Activities and Resources


Using the following resources help your section to plan and do some fundraising in the local community for a cause of their choice!

Take part in or run a PT session

Physical exercise is a great way to keep up with good mental health. Why not invite a parent or member of the community to run a session for the younger sections to do a physical activity that they wouldn’t normally do like yoga or Zumba. This can even be conducted over youtube or zoom! Older sections can take the opportunity to introduce their peers to the physical activities that they do outside of scouts and run sessions on their hobbies and passions. Or, get the family together and take part in a Youtube fitness challenge!

  • No resources needed

Friendship Bingo

Listed are many different friendship games such as the common icebreaker challenge! It's all about encouraging your section to talk to each other and find out more about how their friends think and behave!

Kindness Rocks

Kindness rocks are brightly painted smooth rocks with uplifting messages written on them that can then be left amongst the local community. These can be particularly important in key areas where members might be stressed such as hospitals, colleges, and Universities particularly around exam times!

Talk about your feelings (10-14+)

Many young people struggle to talk about their own feelings, however personifying an object such as a piece of fruit, or by using one of the section as an outline for a human shape. Use the guides on how to run these thought provoking sessions.

Dragons and Shields (5-7 year olds)

Using the guide below, encourage the younger section members to think about mental health and how they might be able to improve their own mental health by talking and behaving in different ways. Using a dragon template encourage your section to draw or write times that they might have felt upset or angry or overwhelmed by something. Then, think about the ‘knights’, this could be a parent, older sibling, or scout leader that could help them deal with their dragons. Finally think about ways that they could protect themselves using the shield template.

  • No resources needed

Compliments Jar

Young people decorate a container of their choosing, this could be from recycled objects such as a shoe box. Gather the young people together and hand out different coloured card/paper to each member of the section. Call a member’s name and encourage the rest of the section to write or draw something nice about them such as ‘they’re good at football’, or a happy memory of them together and fold it up. The named young person then collects these compliments in their container for reading in the future. If you're doing this at home, or via zoom encourage them to go around local friends, or family members to collect their compliments.

  • No resources needed

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid starts with recognising they key signs and symptoms of common problems such as anxiety and depression. More often than not its friends that recognise the symptoms in each other before recognising it in themselves first! Using the resources on our website, brought in collaboration with mental health outreach organisations in Loughborough University raise awareness and help older sections to look after their friends. RESOURCES COMING SOON!

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Run a destresstival

A destresstival is a festival with activities focusing on mindfulness, togetherness and recharging one’s batteries. Activities could include running an open-air cinema, a variety of arts and crafts such as soap carving, slime making, yoga, karaoke, a colour run and more! Stuck indoors? What about playing some silly games like charades, or scribbl.io, or jack box games. Older sections could put together a destresstival for their leaders and other sections, while younger sections might wish to just take part.

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